About Us

Our Approach

About Data Elf

DataElf is a community of data developers, and blockchain enthusiasts, focused on building machine learning and cloud data applications around the DATAX protocol. The project community will explore development of data pools, and access to AI cloud services, and building new applications utilizing the DATAX token. www.dataelf.com

Payment for Data Services: The project will develop DATAX token as a means to purchase AI and cloud services from participating data service providers or individual programmers.

The more DATAX tokens bought at discount prices could mean more buying power for future data or cloud services down the road.

Staking: The project will explore staking reward program to allow users to stake their DATAX tokens as liquidity providers in Decentralized Exchange (DEX) data pools to earn staking rewards from transaction fees, or airdrops, in these data pools.

Fintech Cloud Utilities: The project will also explore development of specialized data cloud services for capital markets that financial firms can access utilizing their DATAX tokens.

Our Story


- Payment option to data developers/programmers
- Access to AI cloud services
- Integrate into new community applications

Demand Model

- AI services to financial companies
- More tokens owned more AI buying power
- Liquidity pool providers rewards

Target Buyers

- Wall Street/financial firms, healthcare
- Developers
- Liquidity pool providers