Andrew Yang Only Candidate Addressing Coming Effects of Automation and AI to Our Society


(NEW YORK)—What sets Andrew Yang light years ahead of his democratic competition?

Yang is only candidate embracing the inevitable rise of Artificial Intelligence and automation and the significant and dramatic impact it will impose on our economy and society.  Yang needs to be heard, and Americans need to “get woke,” listen, and embrace the coming technological changes.

Network debate moderators and viewers might have looked at Yang as just a stage extra in a crowed field during the first few Democratic debates where he received very few questions and sparse speaking time.  Time has passed, and Yang held his ground and continued to push his platform, gaining momentum during the debates and with the American people…and let’s not forget to mention Yang’s overwhelming online following that no candidate can come close to matching.  The Yang Gang is here and not going anywhere!

Automation and AI are about to change our society in such dramatic ways that candidates like Andrew yang need to be heard. This could be one reason why Mr. Yang has caught fire over past few months cause he's addressing issues no one else is.

His campaign wants to give $1,000 a month to every individual regardless of income, called Universal Basic Income (UBI), to help stimulate spending into economy, but also put floor of the many who may get left behind in the coming AI and automation wave.

What Good is $1000?

Well, off hand it may not sound like a lot, but a $1000 could easily help an individual develop a new startup for just $1000 you can easily purchase a domain name, web hosting plan, and business cards. There you go!

If one can put a good idea behind their plan you could see a wave of new startups emerge. Sure, many may not become the next unicorns, but they could very well innovate new business opportunities for some who never thought they could run their own company, and in turn spark new innovations and creativity. The life force of technology.

Dems Need to Listen to Yang

Many may say he has no chance to win. Maybe so, but that doesn't make his opinions and views that less important. Remember John Kerry was like in 6th place going into Iowa and ended up winning the nomination so count no one at this time.

Regardless who wins the Democratic party it would be wise to incorporate Mr. Yang's insight to changes coming from automation and AI, and make sure he has a place in any coming administration.

Don’t Mess with the #YangGang

With that said if anyone doubts the power of the #YangGang they do so at their own risk. There is no doubt Andrew Yang has the most motivated followers of ANY candidate running right now. So it’s all but certain they will have their voices heard going into Iowa and New Hampshire, and that is grassroot support no money can buy.

For these reasons Data Elf puts its support behind Andrew Yang as one of the only candidates addressing the upcoming wave of automation and AI, and what it means for our society. He brings fresh ideas and really resonates with younger voters, which is going to be big for the general election to turn out the vote.

Data Elf is Yang Gang all the way!

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