Cobalt Robotics Closes $35 Mill Series B Funding Round


(NEW YORK)--Cobalt Robotics raises $35 million in Series B financing led by global technology investment firm Coatue.

In an announcement, Cobalt cites research that forecasts the physical security market will exceed $119 billion in 2023. Security robots are an innovative new tool within the industry that enhance security programs by bridging the gap between traditional technologies and services, such as cameras, access control and manned guards, according to the company.

The company’s robots-as-a-service model combines autonomous patrolling robots with human specialists, enabling organizations to provide a 24-hour security solution that complements existing security assets like manned security guards and access control systems (ACS).

The service model can result in a highly effective security program with significant cost-savings, with robots remaining up-to-date with the latest software.

Since its $13 million Series A funding announcement in March 2018, Cobalt has deployed security and facilities management services to clients in various sectors (technology, defense, finance and manufacturing) across a variety of organizational sizes (small startups to marquee Fortune 50 companies).

Cobalt’s robots patrol the workplace, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to detect anomalies such as open doors, environmental risks or malicious intruders. Security specialists can respond in real-time to address any event, whether it’s related to security, facilities or customer service. This unique human-in-the-loop model has enabled Cobalt to position itself as a key player in the physical security arena, the company states.

About Cobalt Robotics

Cobalt Robotics has merged hardware, software, people, and data to transform enterprise security and facility management. Our autonomous indoor robots, managed by highly-trained remote Specialists, offer an innovative solution to address important operational issues—consistently and accurately. It’s machine reliability with the warmth, creativity, and flexibility that only a real, live person can deliver.

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