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Data Elf is offering a platform for students in the Data Science and Robotics field to contribute their papers, and news articles, to a growing community of A.I. enthusiasts.

We look to provide students specifically in the New York City area the ability to begin marketing themselves within the data science industry by sharing their vision, and insights on where they see the A.I. and Robotics heading

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Do you have a school paper, or research project you'd like to promote?

Data Elf can help in building up your name and brand among the data science community, and feature you on our site as one of our exclusive contributors with links to your LinkedIn or other social contacts to help brand your name.

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Expert Contributors

Data Elf is also open to offering its platform to seasoned experts in the data science field to present their new research, or opinions about on going events with the A.I. industry. Company media relation individuals can also contact us regarding possible online interview opportunities to build greater exposure for your start-ups, or research.