Data Elf Launches Directory for Python Programmers


(NEW YORK)--Data Elf is happy to announce the launch of its Python Developers Directory to assist small private Python programmers the ability to promote their services for hire to a global community.

Over the past year more and more people have been taking up the exciting programming language of Python to develop new skills from creating chatbots, to more complex machine learning programs. With this explosion in Python development one thing is lacking, and that is a connection for these new skills towards potential employment, or contract work.

In short a way to market your new skills to make money!

Data Elf is pleased to announce the launched its Business Directory where businesses or individual programmers in the data science field can add their profiles to better help them gain exposure for their skills, services, and potential work opportunities.

While for most business listings there is a small paid listing fee each quarter, or annually, this has been waived for Python programmers exclusively. We are big fans of Python here at Data Elf, and we know many involved in this new coding language are self taught, and just getting started in the field. For that reason we are allowing individual developers to post up in our Python Development directory for two weeks, FREE!!

Listing Features

- Personal Name or Business
- Description of Skills
- Longer Description of Past Projects Developed
- Website (if available)
- Contact Info

Visitors to your profile can contact you directly through your own exclusive contact form to inquire about your services, and potential contract work.

So now matter if you are a Python programmer in the US, or India, our plan is to make Data Elf Business Directory a go to place for data science programmers, and companies seeking to find people related in that field.

Note: Under Business Genre select 'Python Programmers' to list for free


About Data Elf

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