How to Add Emotion to Alexa Speech with SSML

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Data ElfData Elf Staff asked 7 months ago

How can you add emotion to way Amazon Alexa responds using ssml tagging?

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Data ElfData Elf Staff answered 7 months ago

To have Alexa speak a certain phrase you can mark that up under SSML using following

<speak>Hello, how can I help you further?</speak>

….to add emotion to way she speaks you can add the following tags

<speak><amazon:emotion name=”excited” intensity=”low”>Hello, how can I help you further?</amazon:emotion>

….on intensity you can choose ‘high’ ‘medium’ ‘low’ to adjust how you would like her to respond in her speech

Data ElfData Elf Staff replied 7 months ago


Whispered text

AvatarJohn Bodger answered 7 months ago

Whispered voice:
<amazon:effect name=”whispered”>Whispered text</amazon:effect>

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