How to Add Emotion to Alexa Speech with SSML

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Admin Staff asked 11 months ago

How can you add emotion to way Amazon Alexa responds using ssml tagging?

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Admin Staff answered 11 months ago

To have Alexa speak a certain phrase you can mark that up under SSML using following

<speak>Hello, how can I help you further?</speak>

….to add emotion to way she speaks you can add the following tags

<speak><amazon:emotion name=”excited” intensity=”low”>Hello, how can I help you further?</amazon:emotion>

….on intensity you can choose ‘high’ ‘medium’ ‘low’ to adjust how you would like her to respond in her speech

Data Elf Staff replied 11 months ago


Whispered text

John Bodger answered 11 months ago

Whispered voice:
<amazon:effect name=”whispered”>Whispered text</amazon:effect>

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