Startup Services


Funding Services for Startups

Data Elf, through its parent company, AI VentureTech, can assist in providing funding and corporate advisory services for startups in the dynamic fields of data science, robotics, and IoT.

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Areas of Focus

Machine Learning Platforms (tools, utilities)
Could Platforms (SaaS)
IoT and Smart Home Products (devices, hubs)
Robotic and Automation (industrial or consumer)
Natural Language Generation (voice recognition)
Mobile and Virtual Agents (chatbots, mobile apps)

....general industries of focus

- Healthcare
- Financial
- Manufacturing
- Transportation/Smart Cities


Services We Offer

Media Awareness: assist in building greater media awareness for your company, and underlying technology, to the investment community

Corporate Advisory: assist your company with securities law, accounting and auditing, transfer agent, and merger and acquisition consulting.

Funding: advise your company on a number of funding opportunities such as private placements with qualified investors, Reg A 'crowdfunding', Private Equity, and eventual Initial Public Offering (IPO) listing

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