Data Elf, through its parent company offers a number of advisory services for start-ups within the A.I. and Data Science field in raising funding for their company, and gaining greater exposure in the investment community.

Media Awareness

Data Elf can assist in building greater media awareness for your company, and underlying technology, to the investment community. We hold over 20 years experience in assisting small companies in marketing their story to a great audience of investors.

Financial Advisory Services

Data Elf can assist your company with securities law, accounting and auditing, transfer agent, and merger and acquisition consulting.

Funding Opportunities

Data Elf can advise your company on a number of funding opportunities such as private placements with qualified investors, Reg A 'crowdfunding', Private Equity, and eventual Initial Public Offering (IPO) listing on US exchange


- Be a current corporation or legal entity
- Have several months operations and business plan
- Based in US or Canada

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