Vectorspace AI Could Detect Outbreaks like Coronavirus Using Smart Basket Technology

Machine Learning Technology

(NEW YORK)–Vectorspace AI (VXV) smart basket technology could be beneficial in detecting viral outbreaks, such as with coronavirus, by finding hidden correlations within data sets before they emerge.

Finding Hidden Correlations

Vectorspace AI alternative datasets are designed for predicting unique hidden relationships between objects including current and future price correlations between equities.

Their Platform is powered by context-controlled Natural Language Processing (NLP) and facilitated by cryptocurrency transactions. A single trend represented by a concept, keyword, hashtag, URL or news story can represent a network of cryptocurrencies or stocks based on their relationship to one another and surrounding context or concepts.

Detection and Monitoring for Disease Outbreaks

Vectorspace ability to find hidden correlations through keywords, hashtags, URL or news stories could be one way for national health agencies, or institutional trading firms, to track and detect emerging virus, such as the coronavirus, before they come to mainstream awareness.

In addition, the company’s datasets underpin most of ML and AI by improving returns from R&D divisions of any company in discovering hidden relationships in drug development.

These are just a few examples how Vectorspace smart basket technology could be used in detecting future outbreaks, or by monitoring current ones through analysis of trends and hidden correlations.

How to Purchase VXV Token

The Company put together a detailed outline on Medium how investors, or potential data researchers, could purchase VXV token through. To find out more please visit

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About Vectorspace AI

Vectorspace AI focuses on context-controlled NLP/NLU (Natural Language Processing/Understanding) and feature engineering for hidden relationship detection in data for the purpose of powering advanced approaches in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Our platform powers research groups, data vendors, funds and institutions by generating on-demand NLP/NLU correlation matrix datasets. We are particularly interested in how we can get machines to trade information with one another or exchange and transact data in a way that minimizes a selected loss function. Our objective is to enable any group analyzing data to save time by testing a hypothesis or running experiments with higher throughput. This can increase the speed of innovation, novel scientific breakthroughs and discoveries. For a little more on who we are, see our latest reddit AMA on r/AskScience or join our 24 hour communication channel here. Vectorspace AI offers NLP/NLU services and alternative datasets consisting of correlation matrices, context-controlled sentiment scoring and other automatically engineered feature attributes. These services are available utilizing the VXV token and VXV wallet-enabled API. Vectorspace AI is a spin-off from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE). The team holds patents in the area of hidden relationship discovery.

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